kleanYA - 4 fl.oz.

kleanYA - 4 fl.oz.

(118 mL)

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  • 80% Ethyl Alcohol (v/v)
  • Fragrance (Certified organic essential oil)
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Clear, aqueous topical solution, not a gel
  • No harsh chemicals, won’t irritate skin
  • Does not leave a sticky residue
  • Can be used to disinfect surfaces
  • Superior formula to many others on the market
kleanYA Hand Sanitizer
Feel and Smell the Difference. . . with confidence!

kleanYA Hand Sanitizer is a superior product made from the purest ingredients available.  Its germ-killing formula is based on Pure Ethyl Alcohol and is very effective against a wide variety of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and many strains of viruses.  kleanYA’s gentle moisturizing ingredients keep the skin soft and smooth even after repeated use.


kleanYA to clean you
kleanYA welcomes kolonya
kleanYA Pay It Forward for Keith

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding, with multiple uses!!

KleanYa is a great, refreshing, moisturizing, non-sticky, fast-drying, hand-sanitizing spray that is extremely gentle on hands. There is absolutely no mess, no waste and the product lasts a very long time. With it’s fast-drying formula and light, delightful, lemon fragrance, I like to spray it on both sides of my mask before going out and about. I also use it to disinfect my car handles, steering wheel, blinker, window levers and more! I even spray it inside my shoes as a refresher! Of all the hand-sanitizers I have tried, KleanYa is definitely superior and has made dealing with this pandemic so much easier for me and my family! I am truly grateful!

GetYa some KleanYa!

Hand sanitizers are part of life since the pandemic and there a lot out there. Some products don't store well, aren't available or just feel like chemicals on your skin, but not KleanYa. This is a great product, light, cool, refreshing and most important -- effective at killing germs !!FDA approved!! My whole family uses this exclusively and dumped the brands we all know after one try. Combine a great product with great people and an inspiring story and you get KleanYa. Ordering through the website was easy, quick and delivery was fast. WhatYa waiting for? GetYa some KleanYa!

Amazing product!

I highly recommend this product! The story of the company combined with the Turkish tradition, usage of kolonya, brings you this amazing hand sanitizer! If you haven’t tried it already, try it! You won’t regret it!

Absolutely amazing!!

I fell in love with this hand sanitizer on the first use. Now I make sure I have it everywhere I go. It is gentle on the skin. Not sticky like other sanitizers. It doesn’t run all over he place. Has a wonderful light clean fragrance. Once you try it I am positive you will fall in love as well! A plus....it’s non profit.....it goes to help others which is enough reason in itself to get you some.

The best hand sanitizer

This is one of the best hand sanitizer I have ever tried. It has a fresh lemon scent and does NOT dry your hands! The alcohol smell is not over powering. It is a cute small bottle you can carry everywhere and keep it in your car. I was very impressed with the story behind it. The company’s purpose is unbelievable ! Non profit? Who does that? I highly recommend this product to everyone! They got it right!