kleanYA Easter 2021 Video Challenge

Ready for a fun family challenge?
Bring your family and kleanYA together this Easter!

Join the fun with our



Winners will receive
$75 Visa Gift Card
A Family Set of kleanYA Products
Easter Sugar Cookies

Here’s how to win:

1.Record a video (no longer than one minute) of your kid(s) Be Creative!
2.Make sure the video incorporates some of the following themes:
Easter, Spring, Love, Care for others, Hygiene and, of course, kleanYA
3.Follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kleanYA)
4.Follow us on Instagram (www.instagram.com/kleanya.official)
5.Share the post with this tag (#kleanyaeaster2021videochallenge) and invite others to join this challenge. The more you tag, the better your chances to win.
Entries will be divided into three age brackets: 0-5 yrs.; 6-10 yrs; 11-18 yrs. There will be one winner per age bracket. You can submit more than one video if you have kids in different age groups. There is no restriction on older and younger kids being in the same video. However, you cannot submit the same video more than once.
Contest Timeline
March 18 - kleanYA challenge begins
- Get your videos ready/Invite others to
the challenge
March 26-April 2 - Registration and
Video Submission
April 4-9 - Voting open
April 11 - Winners will be announced!
Winners will be determined by:
Number of votes by family,
friends, public ~ 50%
Number of tags to spread
the challenge ~ 25%
Independent, five-member
judging committee ~ 25%

kleanYA: the culture of hospitality… the simple act of showing love and care.

We need this culture here. ~ D. Keith Davis