Pay It Forward for Keith

Our Mission

kleanYA wants to play a part in helping families who have lost a loved one to Covid 19. Our goal is to assist families who
are experiencing financial hardships in the aftermath of losing their loved one. We developed kleanYA Hand Sanitizer
solely for this purpose and want to share our profits with other families devastated by Covid 19.

Our Plan and How It Works

For every gallon of kleanYA Hand Sanitizer sold on this website, we will donate $10 to a registered kleanYA FAMILY
designated by the purchaser. To become a kleanYA FAMILY, a family member or friend must complete an application
and submit a Covid story
about their loved one that will be included on our website. Photos are encouraged. This is
our way of honoring the memory of your loved one. Each kleanYA FAMILY will designate a representative beneficiary,
who must be either a husband, wife, father, mother or guardian of the minor children of the Covid-19 victim.

Once an application has been approved, an account will be set up and a personal Family Code will be assigned to the
kleanYA FAMILY. This Family Code will be entered when placing an order and is the identifier that will direct the
donated funds to the intended kleanYA FAMILY. The Family’s share of any kleanYA sales using this code will
automatically be transferred into the family’s account at the time of the sale and will be visible to the beneficiary when
logged in to the account. An email notification will be sent to the beneficiary each time a sale is made on the family’s
behalf. Distribution of earned funds will be made within 48 hours of each sale by direct deposit into the beneficiary’s
PayPal account.

Direct Donations (with or without purchase)

Direct Donations, with or without purchase, can also be made through an option at the cart. The donor must
follow instructions on making a Direct Donation and indicate a Family Code (found on the kleanYA Families page of our
website) in order to direct the donated funds to the intended kleanYA FAMILY. Please be aware: Donations are
handled through by PayPal.

How to Boost Your Earnings

To increase earnings, kleanYA FAMILIES can encourage others to purchase kleanYA Hand Sanitizer at Spread the word. Tell your friends or share on social media. Each kleanYA FAMIILY‘s Code will be
displayed along with their Covid Story on the website so other customers can apply their sales or donations to the
beneficiary of their choice.

Conditions for Becoming a kleanYA FAMILY

A Covid Loss, verified by a published obituary
Submission of your Covid Story and written consent for your story to be published on our website
Beneficiary must be a husband, wife, mother, father or guardian of the minor children of a Covid 19 victim
A valid PayPal account belonging to the beneficiary is required. Click here to learn more about PayPal.
A valid email account for the beneficiary is required.
Just share your very own PayPal.Me link ( with us

Other Details

If an account remains inactive for a period of 6 months, it will be discontinued. However, kleanYA FAMILIES can apply
for re-evaluation.
kleanYA (FHS Supply, Inc.) reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time, but will disperse any existing
program funds due to current beneficiaries prior to discontinuation.